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Aldis : Aldis, H.G. (1863-1919), Robert Bowes, et al. A Dictionary of Printers and Booksellers in England, Scotland and Ireland, and of Foreign Printers of English Books 1557-1640, London, 1910. (346 pp.). The present volume is intended ... to fill the gap between Mr. E. Gordon Duff's Century of the English book trade, 1457-1557, and Mr. H. R. Plomer's Dictionary of booksellers, printers, etc., 1641-67.

Allibone : Allibone, S. Austin (1816-89). A Critical Dictionary of English Literature and British and American Authors Living and Deceased from the Earliest Accounts to the latter half of the Nineteenth Century, 3 vols., London, 1858-70. (3,140 pp.; supplement 1,562 pp.) First published in the USA in 1858 and in London in 1859. Quotations, often lengthy, on critical judgments on over 46,000 authors, with forty classified indices of subjects, aiming to direct the public to «the Best Works of the Best Authors. Second edition in 1871 and 2-vol supplement in 1891 by John Foster Kirk.

Almirante : Almirante, Josè (1823-1894). Bibliografia Militar de Espana, Madrid, Manuel Tello, 1876. (988 pp.) Standard bibliography of Spanish military history from ancient times to 1876, covering ancient Greece, Rome, barbarian invasions, Arabs in Spain, the reconquest, the Holy Roman Empire, etc., arranged by author, describing more than 17,500 items (Besterman 3939).

Avery : Catalogue of the Avery Architectural Library. A Memorial Library of Architecture, Archaeology, and Decorative Art, New York, Library of Columbia College, 1895, 1st ed. (1139 pp.). Catalogue of the Avery Architectural Library. A Memorial Library of Architecture, Archaeology, and Decorative Art, New York, Library of Columbia College, 1895, 1st ed. (1139 pp.). First published catalogue of the Avery Collection, giving descriptions of some 13,000 books relating to architecture.

Barbier : Barbier, A. A. Dictionnaire des ouvrages anonymes et pseudonymes. 7 vols. Paris, 1869-1879. Indispensable research tool for finding anonymous authors. Classified by titles, the descriptions provide the real name of each author. “With the publication of this bibliography of the anonymous and pseudonymous literature in French by Barbier, Napoleon’s personal librarian, a new chapter begins in the treatment of anonyms and pseudonyms.” Breslauer & Folter, Bibliography, Its History and Development 117 (Besterman 401-402).

Bohatta : Bohatta, Hans (1864-1947). Bibliographie des Livres d'Heures des XV & XVI Jahrhunderts, Vienna, 1909. (92 pp.). To be used with Lacombe, Bohatta provides an annotated list of over 2000 printed Books of Hours classified by geographical region. Entries are cross-referenced, and collations are provided along with the number of lines in each work.

Bolton : Bolton, Henry Carrington (1843-1903). A Select Bibliography of Chemistry 1492-1897, Washington, D.C., Smithsonian Institution, 1901. (534 pp.). Chemist, historian, academic, bibliophile, and renowned bibliographer of chemistry, Bolton documented the period from 1492 to 1902 in this bibliography (published 1893, with supplements in 1899, 1901, and 1904). It is the definitive list with more than 15,000 titles of chemical books published during this period and remains a classic in the history of science field.

Brunet : Brunet, Jacques-Charles, 1780-1867. (Links to HathiTrust) Manuel Du Libraire et de L'amateur De Livres. Paris: Firmin Didot frères, fils et Cie.

Caillet : Caillet, Albert (1869-1922). Manuel bibliographique des sciences psychiques ou occultes, sciences des mages, hermétique, astrologie, kabbale, franc-maconnerie, médecine ancienne, mésmerisme, sorcellerie, singularités, abérrations de tout ordre, curiosités, 3 vols., Paris, 1912. (1831 pp.) Considered the most important resource on books about the occult sciences, this exhaustive bibliography lists over 11,600 items, including works on magic, astrology, cabbala, mesmerism, sorcery, and curiosities. Caillet includes the full title, imprint, and collation, as well as notes about the books and brief biographical data about the author.

Carteret : Carteret, Léopold. Le Trésor du Bibliophile. Livres illustrés modernes 1875-1945 et souvenirs d'un demi-siècle de bibliophilie de 1877 à 1945. Paris, 1946 (V vol.) Important and very rare bibliography of classic Nineteenth Century french illustrated books, with a book worth reading history of famous collectors in the first volume.

Cicognara : Cicognara, Leopoldo (1767-1834). Catalogo ragionato dei libri d'arte e d'antichita posseduti dal Conte Cicognara, 2 vols, Pisa 1821. (415 + 333 pp.). Catalogue of the vast library on archaeology and art history (classical studies, Italian and French art and aesthetics from the Renaissance through the eighteenth century) collected by Cicognara with detailed bibliographical and critical notes to 4,800 works now in the Vatican. Besterman 465.

Claudin : Claudin, A. (1833-1906). The First Paris Press; an Account of the Books Printed for G. Fichet and J. Heynlin in the Sorbonne, 1470-1472 . London, 1898. (100 pp.). Classic study of the first Paris Press issued as part of the Illustrated Monographs series by the Bibliographical Society (no. VI). The work includes a bibliography of twenty-two books, fourteen documents, and seven facsimiles.

Cohen : Cohen, Henry. Guide de l'amateur de livres à gravures du XVIIIe siècle, 6th ed. rev and cor. by Seymour de Ricci, Paris, 1912. Classic repertory of books illustrated in the eighteenth century ; descriptions provide collations (Besterman, 3008-3009)

Cordier Japonica : Cordier, Henri (1849-1925). Bibliotheca Japonica: Dictionnaire bibliographique des ouvrages relatifs à l'empire japonais rangés par ordre chronologique jusqu'à 1870 , Paris, 1912. (762 pp.) An annotated listing of 3,500 printed works in western languages. Cordier lists the items in chronological order from pre-Marco Polo items to the year 1870. An alphabetical index of principal works and an author index are also included. The standard and most frequently quoted bibliography on Japan.

Cordier Sinica : Cordier, Henri (1849-1925). Bibliotheca Sinica: Dictionnaire bibliographique des ouvrages relatifs à l'empire chinois, 6 vols., 1904-08. (4428 cols.) View in HathiTrust

Cordier Stendhal : Cordier, Henri (1849-1925). Bibliographie stendhalienne, oeuvres complètes de Stendhal, Paris, 1914. (416 pp.) A complete and exhaustive collection of the entire bibliography 'Stendhalienne', with the facsimiles of titles of the original editions. Written by H. Cordier."

Cowley : Cowley, Sir Arthur Ernest (1861-1931). A Concise Catalogue of the Hebrew Printed Books in the Bodleian Library, Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1929. (816 pages). Catalogue of one of the most important public collections of Hebrew printed books beginning in the incunable period with complete bibliographical descriptions.

Darlow : Darlow, T.H. - Moule H.F. Historical Catalogue of the printed Editions of Holy Scripture in the Library of the British and Foreign Bible Society, 2 vols., London, 1903-1911. (1849 pp.) Irreplaceable catalogue of the editions of the Bible arranged chronologically under each language and including over 9,848 annotated entries with more than 600 languages (Besterman, 759).

De Morgan : De Morgan, A (1806-71). Arithmetical Books from the Invention of Printing to the Present Time, London (Taylor and Walton), 1847. (Reprints, London: H.K. Elliott, n.d., 1966, with introduction by A. R. Hall). (124 pp.) Dictionary of Scientific Bibliography: «De Morgan's book was written at a time when accurate bibliography was in its infancy and was probably the first significant work of scientific bibliography.» The works listed drawn from the author's collection and referring to 1,580 arithmeticians with detailed digressions.

De Ricci : De Ricci, Seymour (1881-1942). A Census of Caxtons, Oxford, 1909. (196 pp.). This bibliography thoroughly describes the 100 works published by the first English printer, William Caxton (1422-1491). Each entry is collated, known owners are cited, and cross-references are supplied to all of the standard bibliographies of the period. In addition, De Ricci includes some early imprints of Wynkyn de Worde, printed immediately after Caxton's death (not in Besterman).

Dibdin : Dibdin, Thomas Frognall (1776-1847). Bibliographical Decameron; Or, Ten Days Pleasant Discourse upon Illuminated Manuscripts, and Subjects connected with Early Engraving, Typography, and Bibliography, 3 vols., London, W. Bullmer for the author, 1817. (410 + 535 + 544 pp.). Vol. 1, Vol. 2, Vol. 3 (Links to HathiTrust). One of the most important works by this celebrated English bibliographer: ""bibliographer's classic that marks the beginning of the general recognition of bibliomania as a plaything for wealth"" (Hart). Consists of conversations between certain imaginary personages with classical cognomens, each of whom possesses special knowledge of one of the subjects touched upon. Hart no. 186."

Double : Double, Lucien (baron). Cabinet d'un curieux. Description de quelques livres rares, Paris, 1892. Rare catalogue of many important books from the fifteenth century to the nineteenth century and organized by provenance, starting with the reigns of the kings of France, then famous collectors, etc.; includes illustrations of important bindings.

Duff : Duff, E. Gordon (1863-1924). Early English Printing. A Series of Facsimiles of all the Types used in England during the XVth century, with some of those used in the Printing of English Books Abroad. London, Kegan Paul, Trench Truebner and Co., Ltd. 1896. (40 pp. and 40 pp. of facsimiles). Whole page facsimiles of every fifteenth-century English type. Reproductions full size. Plates described separately. Included are: William Caxton, Wynkyn de Worde, Julian Notary, Lettou and Machlinia, Printer of the Caoursin Siege of Rhodes, Richard Pynson, the Oxford Press, the St. Albans Press, and foreign printers.

Essling : Essling, Prince Andre Prosper Messena (1758-1817). Les livres à figures vénitiens. Études sur l'art de la gravure sur bois à Venise: de la fin du XV siècle et du commencement du XVI, 6 vols, Florence, Paris, 1907-1914 (2100 pages). Most exhaustive bibliographic study of illustrated books of any country or period ever published, covering early Venetian woodcut books from 1450 to1525, meticulously describing and collating 3585 books and reproducing 2000 illustrations.

Fairfax Murray (French) : Fairfax Murray (1849-1919) (Davies, Hugh, Wm., compiled by). Catalogue of a Collection of Early French Books in the Library of C. Fairfax Murray, 2 vols., London, Privately Printed, 1910. (600 + 601-1096 pages).

Fairfax Murray (German) : Fairfax Murray (1849-1919) (Davies, Hugh, Wm., compiled by). Catalogue of a Collection of Early German Books in the Library of C. Fairfax Murray, 2 vols., London, Privately Printed, 1913. (462 + 463 pages). Owing to the extremely detailed bibliographical descriptions and critical notes by Davies, the Catalogues of the Fairfax Murray Collection of French and German fifteenth and sixteenth century books may be considered selective bibliographies of their subject and belong indeed to the best reference works on it. (Breslauer & Folter, 147).

Fairfax Murray : Fairfax Murray, C. Catalogo dei libri italiani posseduti da Charles Fairfax Murray, London, 1899. Important catalogue of Charles Fairfax Murray (1849-1919) Italian books , of which he owned 2276 volumes, many from the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.

Fearing : Fearing, Daniel B. (1859-1918). Check List of Books on Angling, Fishing, Fisheries, Fish-Culture, etc., in the library of Daniel B. Fearing. 1901. One of the most important American collections of angling books originally issued in an edition of 25 copies for private distribution.

Field : Field, Thomas. An Essay Towards an Indian Bibliography. Being a catalogue of books, relating to the history, antiquities, languages, customs, religion, wars, literature, and origin of the American Indians, in the library of Thomas W. Field. 1873. (430 pp.). A catalogue of Field's library of over 1,700 works on Native Americans with his comments on many of the books; the best assessment to its time of the literature of the native peoples of the western hemisphere.

Firmin Didot : Firmin Didot, Ambroise (1790-1876). Catalogue illustré des livres précieux. Manuscrits et imprimés, faisant partie de la bibliothèque de M. Ambroise Firmin Didot. Précédé d'une introduction par M. Paulin Paris, Paris, 1878. (224 pp.). Complete and illustrated catalogue containing all the manuscripts and printed books, part of the outstanding collection of Mr. Firmin Didot sold between the 6th and the 15th of June 1878.

Goedeke (Links to HathiTrust): Goedeke, K. Grundriß zur Geschichte der deutschen Literatur aus den Quellen. 15 vols. Dresden 1884-1966. A monumental work containing biographical and bibliographical information on innumerable authors in German literature beginning with the Middle Ages, including exhaustive lists of each author's known writings (Besterman, 2535).

Graesse : Graesse, Johann George (1814-1885). Trésor de Livres rares et précieux ou nouveau dictionnaire bibliographique, 8 vols. in 4, Dresden, 1858-69. (4,600 pages). Covering the first four centuries of printing, this bibliography supplements that of Brunet and describes more than 100,000 rare books; it is especially strong in German titles. (Besterman, 911).

Grand-Carteret : Grand-Carteret, John. Les almanachs français. Bibliographie-iconographie des almanachs, annuaires, calendriers, chansonniers, états, étrennes, publiés à Paris (1600-1895). Paris, J. Alisie et Cie., 1896. Classic work on French almanachs, broadly defined and including calendars, song books, etc., accompanied by 306 illustrations in the text and 5 plates. 1 vol. of 1846 pp.

Gray : Gray, George J. A Bibliography of the Works of Sir Isaac Newton, Together with a List of Books Illustrating his Works, Cambridge, Bowes and Bowes, second ed., revised and enlarged, 1907. (80 pp.). Originally published in 1888, this second and revised edition describes 412 books written by the great scientist with useful collations and annotations. The first, and for nearly half a century the only bibliography, Gray's bibliography is still one of the standard works in the field. (Besterman, 4229)

Gross : Gross, Samuel (1805-1884). History of American Medical Literature: from 1776 to the present time, Philadelphia, 1876. (85 pp.). Dr. Gross, the influential surgeon and founder of the American Medical Association, first presented this history as an introductory address to the fifty-first Course of Lectures in the Jefferson Medical College on October 4th, 1875. The esteemed survey was then published at the request of the class.

Guigard : Guigard, Joannis (1825-1892). Armorial du Bibliophile avec illustrations dans le texte, 3 vols., Paris, Bachelin-Deflorenne, 1870-1890. (1176 pp.). Classic resource on French heraldry, including nearly 2000 family names of French origin with their history and coats of arms drawn in black and white; arranged in alphabetical order under the surnames.

Gumuchian : Gumuchian et Cie, publ. Les livres de l'enfance du XVe au XIXe siècle, Paris, 1931, 2 vols. (vol. 1, xx + 446 pp.; vol. 2, 15 pp. + 336 pls.). The standard reference on early children's books, the text catalogue containing over 6,000 items, with illustrations in the second volume.

Haebler : Haebler, Konrad (1857-1946). The Early Printers of Spain and Portugal, London, Chiswick Press, 1897. (165 pp., 33 facsimiles). Bibliography of Iberian incunabula and early printed books through 1502, describing 600 books with occasional notes and cross-references to Hain and other standard works. Besterman 5174.

Harrisse, Henry (1829-1910) : Harrisse, Henry (1829-1910). Bibliographie de Manon Lescaut et notes pour servir à l'histoire du livre (1728-1731-1753), Paris, 1877 (76 pp.). Second edition, revised and enlarged, of the bibliography of ""Manon Lascaut""."

Harrisse (Americana) : Harrisse, Henry (1829-1910). Bibliotheca Americana Vetustissima: a description of works relating to America published between the years 1492 and 1551, 2 vols., New York, 1866. (718 pp.). Each of the 304 entries (plus 186 more in the supplement) are described in exhaustive detail, with thorough annotations and helpful cross-references.

Holzmann : Holzmann, Michael (1860-1930) and Hanns Bohatta (1864-1947), Deutsches Anonymen-Lexikon, 1501-1850, Weimar, 1902-1928. (422 + 381+ 400 + 446 + 352 + 335 + 504 pp.). First published by the Gesellschaft der Bibliophilen of Weimar, this is an extremely important reference work on German books that do not cite the author. Includes are about 83,000 entries arranged alphabetically by title. The author's name is supplied for each and the authority for the information indicated (Besterman 404).

Hunnewell : Hunnewell, F. James (1794-1869). Bibliography of the Hawaiian islands, Boston, 1869. (75 pp.). Published with the support of Boston's Hawaiian Club, this is one of the first bibliographies of note devoted to the islands. Contains descriptions of 1,000 items, organized by author. Also includes a history of Hawaii written by Hunnewell (Besterman 2811).

Huth : Huth, Henry, Frederick Startridge Ellis and William Carew Hazlitt. The Huth Library A Catalogue of the Printed Books, Manuscripts, Autograph Letters, and Engravings..., London, 1880. (1830 pp.). Catalogue of Henry Huth's varied collection, including books on voyages, Shakespeare, early English literature, Spanish and German works, Bibles, manuscripts and prints (see Dictionary of National Biography). De Ricci describes it thus: "With the assistance of Ellis and Hazlitt, Huth had started printing a magnificent catalogue of his library, with the full titles of every item and exact collations, both entirely novel features in a library catalogue. The work was completed in five volumes two years after his death and has remained...a corner-stone of British bibliography"(De Ricci 151).

Jackson : Jackson, Benjamin Dayton. Guide to the Literature of Botany; being a classified selection of botanical works, including nearly 6000 titles not given in Pritzel's Thesaurus, London, 1881. (626 pp.). About 9,000 works described in short-title form classified by type of publication and brought together via a useful index. Jackson originally intended this work to be an update to Pritzel, but discovered so many additions that he completed the work in this format (Besterman 948).

Kent : Kent, Henry W. Bibliographical Notes on One Hundred Books Famous in English Literature, New York, 1903. (xii + 228 pp.). Also known as Grolier 100, this group was gathered together for an exhibition at the Grolier Club in New York in 1903 ranging from a 1478 edition of Chaucer to John Greenleaf Whittier's Snow-bound. Complete bibliographical descriptions and some history of each book.

La Valliere : La Vallière, duc de (1708-1780). Catalogue des Livres de la Bibliothèque de feu M. le Duc de La Vallière. Sale catalogue for the most magnificent continental library of the eighteenth century, which included a wonderful collection of incunabula, early manuscripts, and European literature.

Lacombe : Lacombe, Paul. Le Livre d'heures imprimés au XVe et XVIe siècles dans les bibliothéques publiques de Paris, Paris, 1907. Standard reference work on Books of Hours printed in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, with locations, and providing collations (Besterman, 3575).

Lacroix : Lacroix, Paul (1806-1884). Iconographie moliéresque, Paris, 1876. (392 pp.). Best known under his pseudonym of P.L. Jacob, bibliophile, or Bibliophile Jacob, Paul Lacroix is the author of this exhaustive collection of reference works concerning the iconography of Molière.

Laumonier : Laumonier, Paul(1867-1949). Tableau chronologique des oeuvres de Ronsard suivi de poésies non recueillies et d'une table alphabétique, Paris, 1911. (142 pp.). Revised and enlarged edition (published in 1911) of the important reference work on french poet Pierre de Ronsard (1524-1585), by professor Paul Laumonier.

Le Baron De Vinck : Vinck d'Orp, Eugene (Baron de). Iconographie de Marie-Antoinette (1770-1793), Bruxelles, 1878. (31 pp.). Very rare booklet, printed in a really small number of copies in 1878, concerning all the most important portraits of queen Marie Antoinette.

Le Petit : Le Petit, Jules. Bibliographies des principales éditions originales écrivains français du XVe au XVIIIe siècle, Paris, 1888. 598 pp. List of the main literary French first editions with all printing specificities and 300 facsimile reproductions of title pages and plates from the editions ; included are many sale prices from important nineteenth-century auctions, now of historical rather than commerical interest.

Leclerc : Leclerc, Charles (1884-1889). Bibliotheca Americana: Histoire, géographie, voyages, archéologie et linguistique des deux Amériques et des Îles Philippines, 3 vols., including supplements, Paris, 1878, 1881, 1887 (727 + 102 + 127 pp.). Standard reference work on Americana, especially Latin America, describing 2,638, 3,092, and 3,620 items respectively, including valuable information about collations and plates. Besterman 310.

Lipperheide : Lipperheide von, Franz. Katalog der Freiherrlich von Lipperheide'schen Kostumbibliothek, 2 vols., Berlin, 1896-1905. Among the most important costume bibliographies, listing over 5,000 titles in subject order and including subject and author indices, complete collations, and illustrations. Also includes works on hygiene, aesthetics, laws relating to clothing, criticism of various periods, and caricature. (Besterman 1504).

Lowndes : Lowndes, W.T. The Bibliographer's Manual of English Literature, 6 vols., 2nd. ed., London 1857-1864. Lowndes, the son and grandson of booksellers, began to compile this work in 1820. It gives a full and tolerably complete list of English authors in alphabetical order, with the titles of their works, dates of editions, number of volumes, collation, and prices realized (then) at auction. The second, and best, edition was edited by H. Bohn and includes a useful appendix.

Macfarlane : Macfarlane, John (1866-1906). Antoine Verard , London, 1900. (143 pp.). Printed for the Bibliographical Society at the Chiswick Press, this classic monograph on the Parisian printer Verard includes 80 facsimile illustrations of his typefaces and woodcuts, a historical introduction, plus an extensive catalogue of nearly 300 books printed between 1485 and 1520.

Madan : Madan, Falconer (1851-1935). Oxford Books: a Bibliography of Printed Works relating to the University and City of Oxford or Printed or Published There , 3 vols., Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1895-1931 (365 pp.). Treats the early Oxford press from 1468-1640 (vol. 1), books about Oxford not published there from 1450-1640 (vol. 2), and the period 1651-1680, organized by year, with full descriptions including collations and notes, each volume with appendences including a typology of imprints and an index.

McDonald : McDonald, Donald (b. 1857). Agricultural Writers, from Sir Walter of Henley to Arthur Young, 1200-1800, Reproductions in Facsimile and Extracts from their Actual Writings: an Exhaustive Bibliography, London, Horace Cox, 1908. (228 pp.). Rare specialized bibliography with 100 reproductions mostly from seventeenth- and early eighteenth-century works, includes index and bibliography, no existing reprint.

Melzi : Melzi, Gaetano. Dizionario di opere anonime e pseudonime, di scrittori italiani o come che sia aventi relazione all'italia. Describing over 8,000 printed books from the 16th to the 19th centuries, Passano's work supplemented by Melzi, is the standard reference on Italian works of unknown authorship. It includes many useful bibliographic notes with the sources of attribution sometimes indicated, as well as a list of other works by the author. (Besterman 406).

Mennessier de la Lance : Général Mennessier de la Lance. Essai de Bibliographie hippique donnant la description détaillée des ouvrages publiés ou traduits en latin et en français sur le cheval et la cavalerie avec de nombreuses biographies d'auteurs hippiques. 2 vols. Paris, 1915-21, Lucien Dorbon, Libraire. vol. I, 758 pp., vol. II, 736 pp, plus 64 pages of supplement. Classic bibliography on all things concerning horses, organized alphabetically by author and title and including short biographical notes on authors. Focus is on French and Latin works. Wide range of subjects, including veterinary medicine, dictionaries, racing, jurisprudence, the representation of the horse, etc.

Morgand and Fatout : Bulletin de la Librairie Morgand et Fatout, Paris, Damascène Morgand et Charles Fatout, 1876-1886 (880 + 930 +912 pages). Rare and important booksellers' catalogue in 19 volumes, including 11,725 lots numbered continuously, describing Morgand and Fatout's inventory with prices, dated from February 1876 through December 1886.

Oxford : Oxford, A.W. (1854-?). English Cookery Books to the Year 1850, London, 1913. (192 pp.). Descriptions of 400 works in chronological order beginning with the year 1500. A standard work providing exhaustively detailed descriptions based on books in the author's collection. Oxford demonstrates a range of interests, including games, old silver, and crime ephemera.

Passano : Passano, Giambattista. Dizionario di opere anonime e pseudonime, in supplemento a quello di Gaetano Melzi. Compilato da Giambattista Passano. Milan, 1848-1859. (482 + 483 + 701 pp.). Describing over 8,000 printed books from the 16th to the 19th centuries, Passano's work supplemented by Melzi, is the standard reference on Italian works of unknown authorship. It includes many useful bibliographic notes with the sources of attribution sometimes indicated, as well as a list of other works by the author. (Besterman 406).

Phillips : Phillips, P. Lee (1857-1924). A List of Maps of America in the Library of Congress: preceded by a list of works relating to cartography, Washington, 1901. (1137 pp.). The most highly regarded reference book on Library of Congress maps. Phillips, the Local's Chief of Division of Maps and Charts, describes each item thoroughly and organizes his work chronologically within each subject area.

Pichon : Pichon, Jérôme. Catalogue de la bibliothèque de feu M. le baron Jérôme Pichon. 3 vols. Paris, 1897-98. Difficult-to-find catalogue of one of the greatest nineteenth-century collections, including the sales for 1869, then 1897-98, the latter in three parts** : manuscripts and printed books ; theology, ....; History, ...

Pollard : Pollard, Alfred W. (1859-1944). List of Catalogues of English Book Sales, 1676-1900, now in the British Museum, London, 1915. (523 pp.). This scarce reference work, the most comprehensive of its kind, includes an introduction by Pollard, who supervised much of the work first begun by Harold Mattingly and I.A.K. Burnett. It lists in chronological order nearly 8000 catalogues, from the sale of the library of Dr. Lazarus Seaman in 1676 to the end of the 19 th century, and includes an extensive author index.

Pritzel : Pritzel, G. A. Thesaurus literaturae botanicae omnium gentium. Lipsiae 1847-1851. Excellent, standard bibliography on botany with over 10,000 entries, still current today (Besterman, 943).

Rahir : Rahir, E. La bibliothèque de l’amateur. Guide sommaire à travers les livres les plus estimés. 2nd. ed. 1924. 715 pp. 2,091 entries organized alphabetically by author and title, including entries for books published throughout Europe, brief publishing histories and descriptions, no collations (Besterman, 912).

Renouard (Aldus) : Renouard, Antoine Augustin (1765-1853). Annales de l'Imprimerie des Alde ou Histoire des Trois Manuce et de leurs Editions, 2 vols., in 1,. Paris, Renouard, 1834 (446 + 250 pages). (Besterman, 5153; Breslauer and Folter, 115). Famous bibliography of the Aldine Press from 1494 to 1598, starting with Aldus Manutius, a classic of its kind giving over 1500 entries.

Renouard (Estienne) : Renouard. Antoine Augustin (1765-1853). Annales de l'Imprimerie des Estiennes, 2 vols. in 1, 2nd ed., Paris, 1843. (584 pp.). Renouard's bibliography and history describes 1400 works published by the famous firm founded by Henri Estienne, who was an important printer and publisher of editions of Greek and Latin classics noted for their scholarship and accuracy. (Besterman, 5101).

Renouard : Renouard, J. Les marques typographiques parisiennes des XVe et XVIe siècles, Paris, 1926-1928. Comprehensive study of French typographic marks appearing on books printed or sold in Paris before 1600, by one of the acknowledged authorities in the field, illustrated with reproductions; updates Silvestreâ??s earlier work on the same subject.

Rosenthal : Rosenthal. J. Bibliotheca magica et pneumatica, München, 1899. Catalogue 31-35 of Jacques Rosenthal on the occult sciences and folklore in 680 pages, including most classic books on these subjects.

Rothschild : Picot, E. Catalogue des livres composant la bibliothèque de feu M. le baron Rothschild. 5 vols. Paris, 1884-1920. Difficult-to-find sale catalogue of the collection of James de Rothschild in 5 volumes, with excellent descriptions of many important books and manuscripts.

Ruble : Ruble, Alphonse (baron de). Catalogue des livres rares et precieux composant le cabinet de feu M. le Baron de Ruble, Paris, 1899. 192 pp. Rare and important sale catalogue of the collection of Alphonse de Ruble (1831-1898) organized in six sessions and comprising a total of 351 lots, many of important manuscripts and early printed books in different categories** : theology, history, literature, etc.

Ruggieri : Ruggieri, E.F.D. Catalogue des livres rares et précieux composant la Bibliothèque de M. Ruggieri, Paris, 1873. (413 pp.). Catalogue of the sale of the private collection formed by Ruggieri of 1200 works on the coronations of kings and emperors, triumphal entries, marriages, tournaments, popular feasts, and fireworks.

Sabin : Sabin, J.,Wilberforce Eames and R. W. G. Vail. A Dictionary of Books Relating to America, from its Discovery to the Present Time. 29 vols. New York, 1868-1936. Provides bibliographic information on publications related to the political, governmental, economic, social, intellectual, and religious history of the Western Hemisphere from 1492-1876. Contains over 100,000 works, with a brief bibliographical entry and an indication of the libraries or personal collections where the work can be found, A remarkably comprehensive listing up to the date of publication. The Dictionary was begun by Sabin in the mid-nineteenth century and was continued by Eames and Vail after his death.

Sage : Sage, Dean (1841-1902). A Catalogue of the Collection of Books on Angling Belonging to Mr. Dean Sage of Albany NY, New York, 1896. (245 pp.). One of the most notable American collections of angling books ('best ever assembled in America'), includes 2000 books, and provides full collations and descriptions, as well as considerable annotations.

Sander (Italy) : Sander, Max. Le Livre a figures italien, depuis 1467 jusqu'à 1530, essai de sa bibliographie et de son histoire, Milan, 1943. (518 + 519-1040 + 1041-1358 + 868 plates). Most complete study of Italy's illustrations during the incunable and post-incunable period, describing 8115 items with extensive bibliographical information for each entry, recording author, title, description of illustrations and references to reproductions. 868 actual illustrations are reproduced, and a list of imprints is organized by place of publication. (Besterman 3018).

Sandys : Sandys, J. E. A History of classical Scholarship. 3 vols. Cambridge, 1903-1908. Sandys gathers a phenomenal range of scholarship, including Latin, French, German, Dutch and Italian sources, often from personally consulting the manuscripts and early works of classical scholars from the sixth century B.C. to the start of the twentieth century. From these he constructs his History into 12 different ages and localities, spanning an amazing twenty-five centuries. Each period begins with a chronological table of the scholars of each period, giving their dates of birth and death, followed by a survey of the lives and works of all the leading scholars.

Smith : Smith, David Eugene (1860-1944). Rara Arithmetica: A Catalogue of the Arithmetics Written before the Year MDCI with a Description of Those in the Library of George Arthur Plimpton of New York, 1908 (reprint New York, Chelsea, 1970). (507 pp.). A bibliography of nearly 1200 books of early printed arithmetics published prior to 1601 providing title page transcriptions, collations, colophons, and extensive notes as to its place in the development of mathematics. Extensively illustrated. (Besterman 510).

Sommervogel : De Backer, Aloys & Sommervogel, Carlos (1834-1902). Bibliothèque de la Compagnie de Jésus, 9 vols., Brussels, 1860-1916. (9000 pp.). Most comprehensive bibliography of the Jesuit order, important for researchers in religious, intellectual, Jesuit, American, and Asian history, with 150,000 printed citations, indispensable for antiquarian booksellers and librarians seeking precise identification of many thousands of published works and their authors. Besterman 3261.

Souhart : Souhart, R. F. Bibliographie générale des ouvrages sur la chasse, la vènerie et la fauconnerie, publiés ou composés depuis le XVe siècle jusqu’à ce jour. Paris, 1886. 750 pp. A French bibliography on hunting and falconry works published in French, Latin, German, English, Italian including notes and prices realized in the various sales (Besterman, 5880).

Steinschneider : Steinschneider, Moritz (1816-1907). Catalogus hebraeorum in Bibliotheca Bodleiana, 3 vols., Berlin, 1852. (3104 cols.). Steinschneider worked 13 years to create this bibliography, based on the holdings of Hebrew books in the Bodleian Library that were published before 1732. The 15,000 entries present author information, collation, and detailed notes and references. An index to the Hebrew title of all books is also included (Breslauer and Folter 126).

Stevenson : Stevenson, Edward Luther. Terrestrial and Celestial globes: their History and Construction, including a consideration of their value as aids in the study of geography and astronomy, 2 vols., New Haven, CT., Yale University Press, 1921. (xxvi + 218 + xi +291 pp., illustrated). The best single reference to early globes and their makers, describing over 850 globes starting with antiquity, through the Arab period, the Middle Ages, the period of European discovery, until the end of the eighteenth century.

Tchemerzine : Tchermezine, Avenir. Bibliographie d'éditions originales et rares d'auteurs français des XVe, XVIe, XVIIe et XVIIIe siècles. 10 vols. Paris,1927-1933. Principal bibliographic source of French literary works from the fifteenth to the eighteenth centuries, with collations; rare (Besterman, 914.)

Thomas, Isaiah : Thomas, Isaiah (1749-1831). The History of Printing in America, with a Bibliography of Printers and an Account of Newspapers. Second Edition, 2 vols. Albany, 1874 (423 + 666 + 47 pp.). Based on Thomas's very extensive library of books and newspapers, this work remains the starting point for most investigations into the history of American printing. The second edition, printed after his death, was based on additional notes he had accumulated in preparation for a new edition.

Tissandier : Tissandier, Gaston. Bibliographie aéronautique, Paris, 1887. (63 pp.). Approximately 1000 entries divided into eight sections and featuring both science and history, as well as works of fantasy and imagination inspired by flight.

Tomkinson : Tomkinson, G.S. (1881--). A Select Bibliography of the Principal Modern Presses Public and Private in Great Britain and Ireland, introduction by B.H. Newdigate, London, 1928. (238 pp.). Standard work on the best presses of the day including the Ashendene, Cuala, Daniel, Doves, Eragny, Essex House, Kelmscott, Vale, Chiswick and many others. The first edition was limited to 1000 copies and includes reproductions of many of the best page designs.

Vicaire (Manuel de l'amateur) : Vicaire, Georges. Manuel de l'amateur de livres du XIXe siècle, 1801-1893. 7 vols. Paris, 1894-1920. vol. 1, 990 pp . ; vol. 2, 1089 pp. ; vol. 3, 1187 pp. ; vol. 4, 1362 pp. ; vol. 5, 1323 pp. ; vol. 6, 1239 pp. ; vol. 7, 123 pp. Fundamental bibliography of French nineteenth-century literature covered in more than 7,000 pages and essential to all library collections interested in this subject; originally published in a limited edition and thus original copies are scarce.

Vicaire : Vicaire, Georges (1853-1921). Bibliographie gastronomique, Paris, 1890. Vicaire provides an exhaustive resource on western works, especially in the French language, about food, drink, cooking, kitchens, and gourmets. His 2,500 entries are meticulously detailed and incorporate Vicaire's own notes. A classic bibliography.

Vinet : Vinet, Ernest (1804-1878), Bibliographie méthodique et raisonnée des Beaux Arts , Paris, 1874. (288 pp.). On all aspects of fine art, over 2000 titles are arranged by topics such as the essence of art, art in the world, the history of artistic movements, and aids for studying art history. An outline precedes the bibliography (Besterman 523).

Westwood : Westwood, Thomas and Thomas Satchell. Bibliotheca Piscatoria. A Catalogue of Books on Angling, the Fisheries and Fish-Culture, with Bibliographic Notes and an Appendix of Citations Touching on Angling and Fishing from Old English Authors, London, 1883, with supplement in 1901 by R. B. Marston. (xxv + 397 pp.). Essential bibliography and reference tool on angling, the fisheries, and fish culture, describing 4,000 books with full title, some collation, place of publication and frequent annotations, the Marston supplement (editor of the Fishing Gazette) adding 1,250 books drawing on the collection of Daniel B. Fearing (Besterman 2206).

Willems : Willems, Alphonse (1839-1912). Les Elzevier: histoire et annales typographiques, Brussels, Van Trigt, 1880, with the 1885 supplement (607 + 173 pages). The bibliography of the famous Elzevier publishing firm, founded in 1585 and closing in 1712 and printing mostly Latin editions of the classics, theology, history and medicine, contains 2186 titles, and the supplement by Berghman adds another 577 titles. (Besterman, 4161).

Zedner : Zedner, Joseph (1804-1871). Catalogue of the Hebrew printed books in the Library of the British Museum, London, 1867 (891 pages). By a famed German bibliographer and librarian, this is the catalogue of one of the most important public collections of Hebrew printed books beginning in the incunable period with complete bibliographical descriptions.